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Air Valve Bodies / Butterfly Housing

Restoration Work

Bosch D Jetronic
Bosch D Jetronic
Not only do I specialise in carburetters, but also in throttle butterfly housings, which function in a similar way as carburetters. They can be bushed, new spindles fabricated, and standard or oversized butterfly valves produced.

Oversize boring and Bypass

DKG Holley DKG Holley
As with carbs, butterfly valves (throttle-discs) may stutter in the throat (when the spindles are badly worn) causing a small ridge. This prevents the valve closing properly resulting in a higher tickover. Oversize boring (greater air-flow) for race-use (ref air-valve body DB 190 - Ø57mm to Ø61mm) can also be catered for. This is limited, of course, by the body-casting diameter. This mechanical work precedes tuning, either rolling-road or dynamometer, as with normal tuning procedure.
Any angle (bypass) can be set, to a tolerance of 0,015mm to compensate for heat expansion. Finally, bodies are tested on a flow-bench rig, to a maximum of 0,25 kg air/h in cold state.
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DB 190 Supersport DB 300SL Solex 48BFL
Air Valve Body mech. injection - old Air Valve Body mech. injection -
Air Valve Body mech. injection - reconditioned Air Valve Body mech. injection -
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