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A personal glimpse of myself

Life before carburetter-restoration

my tiny workshop Here´s a photo of my tiny workshop with precision lathe - carburetters don´t take up much room! ...
I am a bulge (´47) child, and was born, went to school and brought up in the east end of London (are there any other cockneys out there?). When I was 18, I joined the British army (Royal Engineers), and trained as a plant mechanic. After basic training, I was posted to Berlin for two years, and then finally I arrived in Hamelin. My service time ended in 1971, and then I spent several years in Africa and the near-east on road construction projects.
But you can`t spend your whole life abroad, with a wife (she´s finnish) and three children. I finally settled down here in Germany. I got an extremely satisfying job as a metal-worker (panel-beater) with Bunte enterprises, a company specialising in pre-war Mercedes-Benz supercharged cars. During this time, I went to nightschool, and obtained my master-craftsman certificate.

The Beginnings

Here is a snap of part of my main store - everything must be orderly. Here is a snap of part of my main store - everything must be orderly.
In those days my hobby was an old english Velocette motorcycle, which I restored, and of course there had to be a lot of penny-pinching, having three children and a mortgage to pay. It was great fun doing everything myself, including overhauling the magneto. This was successful, and it was soon passed around, in vintage and veteran circles, that I could overhaul magnetos, which I must say is a very pernicaty job. It didn´t take long, before the first carburetter systems arrived, as they both have lots of similar fine precision work. Unfortunately Bunte enterprises closed down, so I took the chance and became self-employed. This would not have been possible without my master-craftmans certificate as the rules and regulations are very strict concerning self-employment in Germany.

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Exhibitions, Fairs, Lectures

Here is my stand which is represented at most large German and European exhibitions Here is my stand which is represented at most large German and European exhibitions.
I have been self-employed since 1995, and must say, not only the actual work and fine precision machining what are so enjoyable, but also to travel around to exhibitions and meet new people and friends. Stop by and have a chat - it doesn't has to be a sales gig.
I also give lectures on Carburetters. If you would like me to hold a lecture in german or english at your club evening or annual general meeting, please let me know.
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