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Information of Import and Export

Information for overseas customers

If you are a non-resident of the European Community (Switzerland, USA, Japan, etc), please note the following:
  1. When shipping carburetters to me, use a good-quality carrier (UPS, Fedex), where possible problems may easily be traced. This might be slightly more expensive, but good service is guaranteed. Express-services incur extra charges - use standard rates.
  2. Make sure that the goods are delivered door-to-door
  3. DO NOT over-value your used carbs. (i.e. Solex 34 PICB - 22; Solex 44PHH - €22; SU HD8 - €22; the value should not exceed €22,-) An obligatory import-tax (2.7%) is placed on used, imported goods: lower value, therefore lower tax, which is charged to the customer.
  4. Deals are only made on a cash-in-advance basis, excepting € 50,00 extra for services (customs clearance for im- and export if the value of the carbs exceeds €1.000,-) in Hameln. All exported carbs are german V.A.T. (MwSt) exempt - a better deal for you.
  5. Do not mention on the way-bill that the carbs are being overhauled in Germany.
  6. When you finally receive the invoice, please ensure that your bank drafts the whole amount and that additional remittance fees are not retracted. This particularly concerns customers outside of the EU, otherwise long delays could perhaps occur. I must stress that if the whole amount is not drafted, the carbs will be delivered until I receive this. This will probably mean that you should then send the missing amount, cash (€uro note) by post to save further banking charges for yourself. I t is also possible that parcels sent outside of Europe may have to be sent air-mail so that insurance claims (if something happens) may be met. Such parcels cannot he tracked if sent by sea.
  7. It´s most important that you send a proforma invoice with the carb in the parcel to avoid trouble for me at the german customs bureaucrats!!. Use the approximate prices as mentioned above in sentence 3.

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