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Carburetter Reports

The following reports describe extensive and highly specialized work. They document what is possible even with in almost hopeless cases. I am happy to advise you well in your particular case.
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Bugatti T30 Major surgery Bugatti T30

"...A while ago, a customer contacted me as he was always having problems with the (presumably) original carbs fitted to his '25 Bugatti T30. Things couldn't carry on as they were, so I suggested he send them to me for inspection. The following report describes the work and successful efforts that were needed to get the car running perfectly again ...

Veritas-Nürburgring Sportscar

"... The only reasonable method to solve this problem was to convert the whole induction system to three separate carbs. The three more or less separate inlet ducts, each feeding two cylinders were ideal for this task. ...
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Reports of Reproductions

Pallas SA4 Lloyd 1908

"...The original carb was made of die-cast zinc which had broken down metalurgically over the years. Also the other pertinent parts were in very bad condition, so the only option was to make a complete new carb....."

Marvel carburettor Buick „Serie 60“ 1930

"...It was only possible to completely reproduce the carb as it was manufactured to fit the inlet manifold and mechanical linkages and it was not possible to use a standard carb from another manufacturer ..."

Benz Bus 1913

"...this rebuild was tricky - the origin motor was damaged and due to the 1.WW there was a lack of spare parts. An old aircraft motor was found and modified..."


"...It is an experimental car which Edward Ballard Thompson a "frame-maker" at Alvis has built for himselve. It is certainly a unique piece...."


Invicta 1930 „Special“ with 4,5 l Meadows (tank) Motor

1930 Spezial
"...The orignal standard carbs delivered little horsepower, but lots of torque. To balance this problem a set of 4 - SU H4carbs were mounted, rather unusual on a 6–cylinder engine, but it solved the discrepancy..."
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