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Pallas SA4 Lloyd 1908

I'm especially proud of the complete new Pallas SA4 which sits on a 1908 Lloyd. The original carb was made of die-cast zinc which had broken down metalurgically over the years.
Also the other pertinent parts were in very bad condition, so the only option was to make a complete new carb. It was an exceptional challenge, as basically it was a prototype. But have a look at the results. Several modifications were affected to assure good running. By the way, the vehicle runs perfectly now.

Pallas SA4 Condition on Delivery Pallas SA4 Lloyd 1908
Pallas SA4 Reproduction Pallas SA4 Lloyd 1908
reproduction reproduction
1 new cast (aluminium) main body
2 new spindle (hard-chrome-plated)
3 throttle-disc
4 adjustable SU float-valve conversion
5 pre-emulsifier
6 knurled nut
7 new float
8 'O'-ring seal
9 float-chamber
Pallas SA4 Reproduction Pallas SA4 main-jet holder
Pallas SA4 Nice final result
1 new fine-mesh filter
2 new air-correction jet
3 conversion to Solex main-jet
4 emulsion tube
5 'O'-ring seal conversion

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