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Marvel carburetter Buick „Serie 60“ 1930

A while ago a swedish customer approached me who was having great problems with his “Marvel” carburetter from a Buick “Series 60” from 1930.This was basically scrap as it was made of pressure-cast zinc which had gradually decayed – even some large pieces had broken off. It was only possible to completely reproduce the carb as it was manufactured to fit the inlet manifold and mechanical linkages and it was not possible to use a standard carb from another manufacturer – see following pictures.

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Body and cover – newly cast ( using the old body as a pattern – you can easily see the damage here ) in top quality sand-cast aluminium and dull nickel-plated. The float chamber top was produced out of phosphor-bronze – superior fine-casting for the letters and numbers. New fuel-plug and standard plugs turned from solid billet in metric thread. New spring-loaded “Delrin” filter. New hydro-cut gaskets.
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New cork float treated with petrol-resistant epoxy paint, new simpler float-valve body ( can be removed and adjusted from the top) and modern, spring-loaded, viton-tipped valve. New rocker-arm and pin. Fuel-level easily adjusted by either bending the tang or replacing seals.
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New idling and main jets including a set of jet reamers for fine tuning.
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New power-valve with more efficient cork seal. DO NOT TURN (90 degrees – tailor suited to each body).
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ready assembled reproduction carburettor
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mounted reproduction carburettor
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Buick with Marvel Carb
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