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This is an experimental car built by Edward Thompson who was employed by Alvis as a frame-maker. No doubt it´s a unicorn. This shows up in the extremely badly designed steering system and the first use of cross leaf-springs without shock-absorbers. The frame dimensions are between the model 12/50 and Firefly.

The cross leaf-springs became standard as from 1935 (with shock-absorbers), the steering had 8 (!!!) knuckle-joints and had no chance in the production.

The car had several english owners and finally ended up in Belgium in as a basket-case in 1984. After some unfortunate attempts, a new aluminium body was built, but with a boat-tail. Originally it had an angled tail with two spare tyres. The genuine Firefly 50 horsepower engine has been kept with the pre-selector box. Bob Tyler delivered the H4 set-up and has since then been run successfully in several rallies.
Thanks to Dr.Rainer Assfalg for sending the images

Benzbus 1
Benzbus 2
Benzbus 3
Benzbus 2
Benzbus 3

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